Benefits of one-on-one learning for children

We live in a world where kids are intellectually growing at a rapid pace. They are 10 steps ahead of what we presume and are all unique in their own way. Each child learns at a different pace. A lot of times, a child fails to express their learnings and discoveries in front of other kids due to numerous reasons. Their voices sometimes go unnoticed because of the crowd. In a class of 30–40 children, a child often feels intimidated to be vocal. When there are a lot of children in a room/online class, the mentor is not able to concentrate on every child. During this, children often get distracted and disinterested easily. Due to which, one-on-one teaching has become a more practical and beneficial process for a child to learn anything to their maximum potential.

What is One-on-One teaching?
One-on-one teaching is a learning space where they have individual interaction with their mentors. The sessions are tailored according to the understanding of the child.


Top benefits of One-On-One learning:

one-on-one learning for children

1. Personalized classes and homework.

With one-on-one learning a mentor is able to understand the student well and tailor the class according to their learning capacity. The student’s interest and learning style are the most important factors. Some Kids enjoy learning facts and statistics, while others like to learn ways to apply what they’ve learnt. Students must be taught in a way that they can easily

2. The child is more comfortable and the level of interaction is higher.

The student can communicate openly and honestly with his or her mentor in a one-to-one learning atmosphere. The mentor can focus on listening and helping the student, as well as providing the necessary guidance and attention. In many situations, the discussions are initiated by the students. The teacher has enough time to clear the doubts.

3. Less competitive atmosphere that eliminated the fear of failure.

In a classroom setup a child interacts with other children who might have a higher grasping ability, that doesn’t belittle the grasping ability of your child in any way. However a child feels a sense of intimidation and feels less of themselves and often subject themselves to the fear of failure. There are chances for a child to lose self confidence in a highly competitive environment. Also, a child who is slightly introverted might struggle. They feel more confident in a one-on-one learning atmosphere. They can open up to their mentor and not be overpowered by others.

4. The classes cannot be held in the absence of the child.

Most often in a classroom setup if a child is absent due to medical or unavoidable instances the child is bound to miss these classes and takes time to catch up with what has been taught, while the rest of the class is ahead of them. They can feel left behind. Whereas in one-on-one learning space, the class cannot be held in the absence of the child and they will not be missing out on any study material or fun activity.

5. The child’s interests can be identified

In a larger crowd it becomes difficult for a mentor to identify every child’s interest and inclinations. In a more personalised environment, the child is free to express and the mentor is able to understand what the child is good at. This way the child can be encouraged and guided in the right path from the beginning. This will not just benefit the child in academics but will also help in holistic development of the child.

6. The child becomes more independent and responsible.

The child comes up with his or her own ideas or thoughts with the guidance of the mentor and does not build on others ideas or thoughts. They are responsible for their own ideas. They learn to undertake tasks on themselves and do not depend on others. It doesn’t matter if the outcome is positive or negative, they are taught to take responsibility for it, instead of playing a blame game. This quality would help them in the long run.

7. It is a more focused environment.

In a one-on-one learning atmosphere a student is eliminating 90% chances of distraction. They are more focused and learn more. When there are many kids their mentor is unable to cover a lot because they have to ensure that everyone understands the topic before moving to the next. This can be time consuming and tiring.

One-on-one learning is a very effective learning process. There are various online platforms these days that offer such learning spaces where the child can be given individual attention and can be taught according to their pace. One such platform is Techmentry, where children can learn about technology in a personalised manner. The mentors customise their classes according to the strengths of the child. The homework is tailored for each student and the sessions are conducted according to the child’s learning pace and interest. To know more, checkout Techmentry and schedule a free session NOW.