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Learn Text-based programming and their applications using Python

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1. Fundamentals of Programming Learning to develop basic algorithms using sequential, decision making and looping

2. Introduction to Formal and Informal Logic Developing the ability to derive conclusion based on premises and also develop analytical thinking

3. Understanding Functions, Recursion and Modules Learning how to create efficient code by using functional programming and exploring various built in constructs

4. Applying basic Data Structures and Algorithms Solving complex problems by learning how to use data structures and algorithms

5. Exposure to Object Oriented concepts. Principles of OOPS (Classes, Objects, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism and more)

6. Managing Files Learning how to permanently store data creating more useful applications

7. Exposure to Hardware or Web Applications Refining problem solving abilities by implementing design and logic

8. Special Training and Capstone Project based on their interest Building a project to express ideas and creativity in a unique way

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    Parents Speak for us...

    -Sathya P, 75 years, Singapore

    I feel that Techmentry is able to understand and guide my interests pretty well and when suggest that I want to learn something or I want to switch to something else they comply and respect my decision• With Techmentry, I feel like I am able to run wild try anything I wish and I can clarify my doubts with anytime I want. I really prefer Techmentry and I am thankful for them teaching me• I really hope to continue to learn great things from Techmentry.

    -Priya P (Parent of Sathya)

    Techmentry provided a great opportunity to explore and indulge in my son's quest about coding, learning how the IT world works• I-le is such a passionate coder and / cannot imagine a better learning experience for him other than Techmentry• I-le has been learning this for a year now now and I see a full benefit why every child aspiring to be a coder should use Techmentry.