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Course content


  1.  Installation of Roblox, Tools and Edit group 
  2.  Clipboard group, Parts properties group, Solid modeling 
  3.  Tool box and Terrain Editor 
  4.  Constraints – Rope, Rod,Rigid 
  5.  Constraint – Hinge, Spring, Prismatic 
  6.  Constraint – Cylinder, Ball in Socket, Plane 
  7.  Constraints – Universal, Weld 
  8.  Attachment with game effects 
  9.  Generating particles 
  10.  Advanced group – Insert 
  11.  Advanced group – Model, Service, Collision groups 
  12.  3D, Rig 
  13.  Animation Editor 
  14.  View Menu 
  15.  Lightening 


16. Advanced group – Scripting commands
17. Starter GUI
18. Starter pack
19. Starter player
20. Starter teams
21. Variables
22. Functions
23. If else
24. For loop
25. While loop
26. Jump statement
27. Data structure – concept

28. Data structure – implementation
29. Recursion
30. Creating game loop
31. Client vs server
32. Remote events
33. Saving data
34. Scripting
35. Oops – concept
36. Oops – implementation
37. Monetization
38. Raycasting
39-40. Project

* It may vary based on child’s learning pace.

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Parents Speak for us...

-Nandini R Chawande(parent)

Techmentry is a very nice institute of coding. They know how to teach students according to their age group. Staff members and teachers are very cooperative. They explain doubts very patiently and calmly. He enjoys each and every class. He always awaits eagerly for his next class.

-Shourya Chawande(kid) 13 Years INDIA

The teacher are nice and kind and they make me understand everything They are also very funny. The explanation is very simple to understand and if I don't understand anything they explain it to me again. In all, the platform is very nice.

Game Coders FAQ's

Game coders is a course that teaches to develop games/stories/educational apps using Roblox .
The course helps in developing logical thinking and creating an interest in coding. The kids can apply the learnings in class to build and earn from the apps.
The course cost is 25$ per hour.

1)1:1 Sessions

2)Concept Learning through practical applications.

3)Students apply learnings to real world problems and monetize the apps.


The course is designed for kids in the age group of 10-17 years.
The course duration is 40 hours.
No prior knowledge of coding is required – this course is geared for absolute beginners.