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  • Overview of Raspberry Pi
      1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi
      2. Installation of OS.
      3. Features of Raspberry Pi. 
      4.  Pin description of Raspberry Pi. 
      5. Getting started with Raspberry Pi
  • Input and Output Interfacing :
      1. Interfacing of LED with Raspberry Pi (OP – Buzzer)
      2. Control LED using push button / switch with Raspberry Pi (IN- Button, OP-LED)
      3. Interfacing of LDR with Raspberry Pi (IN-LDR, OP- LED)
      4. Connecting Buzzer with Raspberry Pi (OP – Buzzer)
      5. Potentiometer with Raspberry Pi (IN – Potentiometer, OP- Buzzer) 
      6. LCD interfacing with Raspberry Pi (OP – LCD)
      7. Keypad interfacing with Raspberry Pi (IN- Keypad, OP – LCD) 
      8. OLED display interfacing with Raspberry Pi (OP – OLED)
      9. Pulse rate sensor with Raspberry Pi (IN – Pulse rate sensor)
      10. PIR sensor with Raspberry Pi (IN – PIR sensor)
      11. IR sensor with LCD display interfacing using Raspberry Pi (IN – IR sensor, OP – LCD) 
      12. Ultrasonic sensor with LCD display interfacing using Raspberry Pi (IN – Ultrasonic sensor, OP – LCD)
      13. Temperature sensor with Raspberry Pi (IN – Temperature sensor)
      14. Accelerometer with Raspberry Pi (IN -Accelerometer)
      15. GPS module with Raspberry Pi (IN – GPS Module)
      16. Pressure sensor interfacing with Raspberry Pi (IN – Pressure sensor)
      17. On/Off motor control using switch with Raspberry Pi (IN – Switch, OP- Motor)
      18. Servo motor interfacing with Raspberry Pi (OP- Servo Motor)
      19. Speed Control of DC Motor using Raspberry Pi (IN- Potentiometer, OP- Motor)
      20. Direction control of DC Motor using Raspberry Pi (IN- Switch, OP- Motor)
  • Projects:
      1. Obstacle detection (IN- Ultrasonic, OP- LED or Buzzer or Motor)
      2. Home Automation (IN – Light sensor, Temperature sensor, OP – Light, Fan)
      3. Air pollution monitoring system (IN – MQ 135, OP – OLED)
      4. Smart Trash Can using Raspberry Pi (IN- Ultrasonic, OP- Servo Motor)
      5. Smart door lock system (IN – Motion Sensor, OP – Motor)
      6. IoT based weather station (IN – Temperature, Humidity Sensor, OP – LCD)
      7. IoT based water flow meter (IN – Liquid flow sensor, OP – Mobile)
      8. Patient monitoring system (IN – Pulse rate sensor, OP – Mobile)
      9. Intelligent parking system 
      10. IoT based agriculture automation system
      11. Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Standalone Robot: 
      1. Obstacle detection Robot using Raspberry Pi 
      2. Pick and place robot using Raspberry Pi 
  • Wireless Robot: 
    1. Mobile application development using MIT App inventor 
    2. Bluetooth control robot with Raspberry Pi

      * It may vary based on child’s learning pace.
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