Why should your child start coding with Scratch Programming right now?

Opting for scratch programming for your child could be full of fun and excitement. Scratch is a programming language that can be used to create images, games, stories, and animations. MIT developed this visual lhttp://scratch.mit.eduanguage based on blocks coming together like a puzzle. It is a widely popular programming language for kids.

They say any age is good to learn; however, scratch programming is the best language for children aged between 8 to 16 years. The language could would help them understand concepts and solve complex problems eventually. Learning how to code could be a blend of a familiar and strange world for children. Familiar because kids consume technology almost every day and strange because it is the first time when they will produce technology.

Now comes the question. Why should your child start with scratch programming right now? Here are the top reasons:

Learning scratch programming is easy:

Scratch programming is one of the easiest and most compelling coding languages for kids to learn. The language involves existing using blocks of code that have different shapes for different data types. The blocks stacked one below the other like the board game Jenga. Each data type (hat, reporter, boolean, stack, or cap) has its own shape. Kids only need to drag and drop blocks of code as per the logic they are trying to build. They can also connect the blocks if there are grooves on top or below. If there are no grooves, no connection is possible to prevent syntax errors. Different colors of the blocks make coders associate certain blocks together.

Scratch is full of fun:

Scratch language is full of fun as it allows children to give their imagination wings. The output of the code written can be viewed on a real-time basis within the same platform. Scratch also has its sound editor built-in along with the paint editor that makes learning more exciting. It allows kids to express their ideas using simple blocks. Isn’t it amazing?

Scratch encourages creativity and logical thinking:

Through the search for the solution for various problems, scratch enhances creativity and logical thinking. For example, to complete a specific task, kids can use the tools wisely and find various ways to complete the task effectively. Kids can use the coloured blocks to give life to their imagination. Also, scratch allows children to add sounds, create images etc. that make them think creatively.

Scratch serves as an introduction to programming:

As the world progresses towards automation and the use if AI. Languages like Python, Java, C, C++ are not so efficient. New coding languages are able to the same work output that a piece of 100 line piece of code in C could do in just a few lines. Thus, it’s important your child learns computer language from the foundations. Opting for scratch programming could serve as an introduction to programming languages. Children get an idea about what programming tastes like. It is a fun language that develops interest and makes kids learn other programming languages as well. One can say that scratch is an excellent launchpad for young minds.

Scratch has visual effects:

Visual effects are the essence of scratch. Because of the visual effects, it is also known as a visual programming language. Kids can easily drag the blocks and create whatever they want with a blink of an eye. Not only create but scratch also allows to move the objects which kids find full of fun. Visual effects make the learning interesting and fun, and kids do not get bored easily and keep trying new things. Children visualize their coding and make the entire process enjoyable and memorable.

Scratch is highly accessible:
Learning scratch programming is highly accessible which means all you need is an internet connection. You can pick the online classes for your kids, and they are ready to learn. There is no need to visit anywhere. They can learn the language from their comfort zone.

Scratch is easy to grasp:
Learning other programming languages like Python, etc, might require different resources. However, this is not the case with scratch learning. As mentioned above, scratch is the best pick for children. There is no need to understand any complicated concept or basics to learn the language. In simple words, it is easy to grasp and as simple as ABC. Visual effects and other features also boost the urge to implement ideas.

Scratch helps children become familiar with technology:
Enrolling directly in higher-level languages like python or javascript would not be a great idea. Your child must know a little about programming. Scratch can provide information about programming basics and helps them become familiar with technology. Implementing ideas using scratch programming makes kids become used to creating cool projects. For example, they can tell a story using animation. In short, they get an idea of how programming works.

To sum up:
Scratch programming is a combination of fun and beneficial learning that develops different skills in kids. Picking scratch programming for your kids could be a perfect choice to kickstart their programming journey especially if your kids love games, apps, and animations. Let your child know the positive side of technology. Let’s make them learn how technology works.

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