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The logical way for
kids to Learn
Coding 1:1

Techmentry provides best online coding classes for kids and teens. Courses provided by experts in the field with personalized and interactive live sessions.

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The logical way for
kids to Learn
Coding 1:1

Techmentry provides best online coding classes for kids and teens.

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We provide an end-to-end digital learning experience for kids, driven by the following
salient features such as Teaching Methodology, Distinguished Faculty, Learning Outcomes, Certification From Top Universities.

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At the end of all our certified courses students appear for global certification such as Harvard CS50 and so on…

Parents Speak for us...

I love my teacher very much since she always makes the classes very interesting and engaging. It has been quite a valuable learning experience For me•

-Devang Kundu, 8 years, Dubai

Excellent platform to learn coding. I am proud to say my child is received the certificate from Havard university.

Aloknanda Kundu
(Mother Of Devang Kundu, Age 10 Years) UAE

Techmentry has created spark of interest for my son. He is enjoying every session and benefiting from one-on-one focus.

Deepa Prabhu. (Mother Of Atul Prabhu, Age 13 Years) USA

He became such a passionate coder and I cannot imagine a better learning experience for him other than techmentry.

Priya Purush.(Parent Of Satya, Age : 15 Year), Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

No, It is one of the products of Neebal Learning Pvt. Ltd, that has had its root in technology education since 2000,  which is aquired by Agneez Inc. It has trained more than 30,000 students, many of them are currently serving top 10 technology companies in the world. Techmentry is a product designed for kids by foreseeing the future of the world and filling the gap in the current education system.

The course content has been curated for the last 20 years, and the pedagogy is highly appreciated and accepted by thousands of students over the years. The courses are delivered by highly qualified teachers from across the globe. Mentors are available to assess the assignments and solve doubts. At the end of many courses, we have certification with top universities such as Harvard.

Coding improves Analytical Skills, Mathematical skills and Problem solving ability. It also helps in increasing creativity in students.

Problem-solving skills: Coding requires students to think critically and solve problems in a logical and efficient manner.

  1. Creativity: Coding provides students with the opportunity to create their own digital projects and express their creativity through design and functionality.
  2. Logical thinking: Coding requires students to think logically and systematically, breaking down complex problems into smaller, manageable tasks.
  3. Career readiness: Coding skills are in high demand, and students who learn to code have an advantage in the job market.
  4. Digital literacy: With technology playing a larger role in our daily lives, it is important for students to have a basic understanding of how computers and software work.
  5. Improved analytical skills: Coding requires students to analyze data and information, making connections between cause and effect.
  6. Improved communication skills: Coding requires students to communicate their ideas and solutions to others, improving their ability to communicate technical information to non-technical people.
  7. Collaboration skills: Coding projects often involve teamwork, allowing students to work together and develop skills in collaboration and communication.

Overall, coding has the potential to enhance students’ studies by developing their critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.