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Kid's Learning Journey

Why this course?

How do we teach?

  • Design layout and UI of mobile applications 
  • Enable various UI elements for display information, data inputs, and event handling
  • Use different mobile features such as device sensors, touch screen, camera, and more 
  • Build projects that involve image recognition, Speech recognition, and fun activities
  • Create complex applications like Login app, Chat app 
  • Learn advanced computing concepts such as Firebase, and authentication 

On completion of course

Course content

  1.  Camera component 
  2.  Image recognizer (Identify any image) 
  3.  Translator and text to speech conversion 
  4. Using variables in your app
  5.  Speech recognizer (E.g., Google voice search)
  6.  Canvas component (create digital drawings) 
  7. Sound component (Alarm app)
  8.  Video Recording and Video playing (Self learning) 
  9.  Simple Chat bot (Contains all the components taught till now) 
  10.  Location Sensor 
  11.  Accelerometer 
  12.  List and List viewer component, To do list 
  13.  Shopping cart using Data Viewer (Using Google sheet to get data 
  14.  Login app (using Firebase) 
  15. Calling app 
  16.  Chat app (Like WhatsApp) 
  17.  Capstone project 
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    Parents Speak for us...

    -Rishu Lamba ( Parent of Sia )

    My daughter has been learning Coding from Techmentry for more than 3 years now. She has had various different Teachers for different levels, but she adored each one of them. Every single time the teacher changed, she was sad to switch to the new one! So that speaks a lot about the quality of their teachers.

    -Sia Lamba (Singapore )

    I have been taking coding classes from Techmentry from quite a while now. I look forward to each class every week. Each teacher I have been with is really helpful with my learning as well as being funny. Every class I take is educational and I learn a new thing every class. I never felt stress because of a class ever. I really enjoy the content of the classes.