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  1. Basic electronics:
      • Basic Idea about electronics for a drone sensors

  2. Linux:
      • Why Linux
      • Linux and ROS (Ubuntu)
      • Linux basics
  3. ROS (Robot Operating System)
      • Navigating the ROS FileSystem

      • Creating a ROS Package

      • Building a ROS Package

      • Understanding ROS Nodes

      • Understanding ROS Topics

      • Understanding ROS Services and Parameters

      • Using rqt_console and roslaunch

      • Creating a ROS msg and srv

      • Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber (Python)

      • Examining the Simple Publisher and Subscriber

      • Writing a Simple Service and Client (Python)

      • Examining the Simple Service and Client

      • Recording and playing back data

      • Reading messages from a bag file

      • Getting started with roswtf

  4. Drone using ROS:
      • Hardware and ROS interfacing

      • Controlling the drone using ROS

      • Simulating a drone

  5. Drone Autonomy basic
        • Idea about URDF

        • Analysing Sensors data on the drone

        • Ar tags

        • Camera feed , gps data ,barometer,etc

        • Opencv

        • General idea about how drone autonomy works

* It may vary based on child’s learning pace.

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