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Electronics Using Raspberry Pi

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  1. Introduction to the Basic Electronics
  2. Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor and filter circuits
  3. Diodes and Transistor
  4. Water Level indicator
  5. Rectifiers and Power supply design (5V, 9V and 12V)
  6. IC 555 timer and LED flasher 
  7. Transistors (Switch and amplifier)
  8. Sensitive intruder alarm system using op-amp
  9. Logic Gates
  10. Simple water level indicator using logic gates
  11. Flip flop and registers
  12. Short Circuit Protection using Relay
  13. Introduction to Arduino and I/O
  14. Interfacing
  15. Home automation with Arduino using Bluetooth
  16. Line Follower Robot with Arduino
  17. Overview of Raspberry Pi
  18. Interfacing I/O peripherals with Raspberry Pi
  19. Wi-Fi controlled surveillance system
  20. Retro games using Raspberry pi
* It may vary based on child’s learning pace.

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